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SMARTEK MINSITE AUTO ELECTRICS provide several types, and varied services to our clients.

Service quick look

  • Comprehensive auto electrical repairs
  • Research & Development
  • Remote site work
  • Break down services
  • Mine spec installations
  • Shut down systems
  • Remote start systems
  • HID/LED light upgrades
  • GPS tracking & monitoring
  • Air conditioning installations & repairs 
  • Communications (Two-Way Radios)
  • Labour Hire   more information

Comprehensive auto electrical repairs

  • S.M.A.E can repair all types of mining, earthmoving equipment. We have a very knowlageable team and have the latest in diagnostic equipment. We also carry a wide range of OEM parts to minimize our clients down time.

Research and Development

  • S.M.A.E's electrical design department and can design just about anything for your needs.

Remote site work

  • S.M.A.E offers labour hire and also fully equipped vehicles for remote site work. We supply only quality trades personnel with all the relevant qualifications and tickets for the work to be carried out. All of our staff are dedicated to our clients success. Our clients success is our success (tm)

Break down services

  • S.M.A.E offers a mobile break down service. We can have one of our experienced  auto electricians on site in a flash. Our fully equipped service vehicles have been designed to be as self sufficient, as is practicable.

Remote start systems

  • S.M.A.E offer many options with remote start systems we have designed and built many systems ranging from sms command start systems to self timed and voltage sensing remote start pumps, we have also designed a new system to initalise mutiple unit starting via GPS this can give you the option of controlling your equipment from anywhere in world.

Shut down systems

  • S.M.A.E can offer you a range of shut down systems for engine protection and over speed. We can also offer many other options to do with shut down systems, your imagination is our creation here at S.M.A.E. We can design and build you anything - there are no limits.

SMARTEK Shut Down Systems are an inexpensive insurance, offering protection to any size engine.

HID/LED light upgrades

  • S.M.A.E offers a wide range of HID/LED light upgrades we can also design and custom braid your harness here at S.M.A.E. We use only quality products and build and design systems to the HIGHEST STANDARD. Quality will never be compromised.

GPS tracking & monitoring

  • S.M.A.E can supply GPS tracking and monitoring for many uses including maintaining the safety, speed and location of your mobile machinery and fixed assets.

Air conditioning installations & repairs

  • S.M.A.E offer design and installation of all types of vehicle air conditioning. S.M.A.E can fit an air conditioning system to any piece of equipment, hassle free.

Communications (Two-Way Radios)

  • S.M.A.E can offer all types of communication installation ranging from mobile phone hands free kits to uhf and vhf radio's.

Labour Hire

  • S.M.A.E can offer labour hire for just about any trade within the mining and civil industry. All of our labour hire personnel are drug screened and fitness tested before they commence any work.
  • S.M.A.E offer only quality personnel with the right qualifications and experience for the position you require. We at S.M.A.E will not just supply you some one for your position just because we have spare personnel. We will endeavor to match the right person for the right job.
  • We stand by what we do.   Our clients success is our success (tm)

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